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Organizational Chart


Chairman Baogen Li are reporting on the project information for every leader on the spot

                          Various leaders are inspecting the project processes

         In July 2010, municipal and counties in all leaders have inspected tangshan tengfei hardware tools manufacture co.,ltd and the expansion project .

         The leaders who were participating in the inspection visited the construction process, and were listening to the expansion project report from the chairman Li . At the same time, the leaders highly appraised the project progress and the quality, they also supported and encouraged this spirit, to make us to accelerate progress to ensure  construction completed on time on basis of the high-quality.




              The staffs of security council were organized for the education on security

             In September 2010, the staffs of the security council were organized for the education on  safety and security, the education is the constant theme. At present, the safety problem has always been the top importance on national safety and the work of supervision. The factors on un-safety human ,the things ,environmental and the management of defects are the three majors on production safety management work . So how to improve the operation of the security and skills on the staffs, to standardized the safety actions on the staffs, to achieve standardized construction work is a top important problem .These top important problems can be achieved and available in the operation of the education and training .

The purpose of the security training and education is to make the staffs to get the necessary security technology, to make them to compliance work discipline and safety operation procedures in voluntary . the final aim is that "i understand the safety, i will start from myself, I guarantee security". For this purpose ,the safety education and the examination is very important . After the   safety education and training to every staffs , they are going to work as the examination system in strictly, to be examed as per project for the safety regulations .After passed the examination , then be certified for homework . The staff’s of the operation safety technology, the awareness of production safety, and self-protection knowledge should be improved . we must on works and operations in standardized to ensure the safety in production.



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